Is your social media content getting the views and engagements that you were hoping it would? Is it attracting your perfect client? Have you decided on your client avatar? So many times we post what we think is killer content, only to have it flop. It’s frustrating, to say the least, right? There are some key goals that you should keep in mind when creating your content, in order to get those all-important views and engagement. Here are 4 painless ways to make the content you post on social media “click-worthy”. Your social media content should do at least one of the following:

1. Educate, Inspire, or Entertain


Content that educates will teach your audience something new. It is content that shows your audience how to solve a problem. In other words, it should be valuable to your reader. Share important news in your industry. Don’t forget to share announcements about your business as well. This will bring you to mind if and when your viewer needs your ‘expertise’.


People need to feel inspired. Social media is the perfect place to give and receive inspiration. It could be a quote, an inspirational video or a moving story.



Humans love to be entertained! Who can’t use a few minutes away from the grind? Content that is humorous, creative, or just plain fun is a fantastic way to engage your audience. Think GIFs, funny videos, or memes!


No matter what you post on social media, make sure that it meets one of the goals above. If you want your audience to spend time reading your content, you have to give them something beneficial! If not, you might want to rethink sharing it in the first place!

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2. Be personal

Humans need to connect with other humans. Before they connect, they need to understand who we are and why we do what we do. Show your human side in your content.

The most important is to be “authentic”. This can’t be said enough. If you want to attract your ‘tribe’ (or your avatar), you must be authentic.

Here is a great article written by Content Marketing Institute that goes into great detail about how to create content that will engage your followers. This is also known as the Know, Like, and Trust factor.

People cannot know, like, and trust you if they don’t know who you are or WHY you do what you do. Makes sense, right? Even if you are posting as a business, you can still share your personality and your business’ WHY with your followers. A great Ted Talk by Simon Sinek talks about your WHY and the reason it is important to share this why with your followers (and potential clients).

3. Tell Your story

There’s plenty of science to back up the power of storytelling. According to Harvard Business, storytelling has the power to engage, influence, teach and inspire listeners and readers.   Humans are wired to remember stories and social media is the perfect venue to share your stories!

If you are looking to connect emotionally with your readers (or clients), you must tell your story! This is especially important when you are trying to connect as a business. You want to draw in those that are like-minded. Writing stories helps you do that.


4. Test headline strategies

Copy matters, especially in social media where most people are scrolling past hundreds, if not thousands of content options.

The post title could be your only interaction with your audience. Make it memorable and make it attractive enough to cause your viewers to say, “Hmmm, I wonder what this is all about”?

Social Media expert, Neil Patel wrote a great article titled, “The Simple Guide to Writing Social Media Headlines (That People Click)”. How is that for a title that sparks interest?!

In Neil’s article, there were many great facts, here are two:

  • This KISSmetrics article mentions that people consume only the first 3 and the last 3 words in headlines. These findings are backed by usability research.

A picture of an orange goldfish swimming in blue water with a shark fin strapped to his back

Humans have an attention span of about 8 seconds. This means we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. How will you be getting all those ‘goldfish’ to engage with you and your business?


Hopefully, the tips in this blog will help you cut through the noise and ATTRACT the perfect AVATAR to your business.

For help with understanding what an avatar is and how it is an important step in growing your business, read this article by Forbes.

For additional tips on how to jump-start your business without spending a fortune or losing your hair, take a read here.

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To your continued success and happiness!


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