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Before we talk about those 5 key factors, take a few minutes to congratulate yourself! Give yourself a hearty pat on the back. Your business made it through an extremely tough year. Many were not so fortunate…so go ahead and give yourself a round of applause! Another quarter is in the books, but the year isn’t over yet. Chances are, you are in the midst of preparing for your Summer holiday. Spending time with family and friends is a great way to wind down from a very emotional year. This is also the perfect time for small business owners to review the key business factors that will help their business grow. Now on to the 5 key growth factors.


Business Growth Factor #1: Review and/or Revamp Your Website and Digital Presence

One key factor that will help contribute to your business growth is to maintain your website and keep it mobile-friendly. A well-maintained website will help defend against attacks on your most valuable piece of digital real estate. 

 There are virtual assistants and freelancers that specialize in website maintenance. If you are unable to handle this task yourself, call them!

Are your website and social media accounts still attracting your ideal clients? Have you pivoted during the year and are you now offering different services or products? Posting consistent, relevant content will attract your ideal client. It is the best way to expand your presence on social media, helping your business grow.

Remember to add this content to all your social media outlets.

This is a great way to show that you are an authority in your field!

Social Media Management and Strategy is a time-consuming task. Factors that influence your SEO standing (i.e., algorithms, SEO, etc.), change, it seems, daily! A professional social media manager keeps on top of the changes. A professional social media strategist knows how to manage your social media accounts. This knowledge can help continue your digital business growth.

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Business Growth Factor #2: Delegate More

Many small business owners have more work than they can handle. If you can relate to the last sentence, it might be time for you to stop wearing all those business “hats”. 

Consider bringing in others to give you a hand, so that you can concentrate on those factors that will have the most impact on your business growth…something that only YOU can handle.

More hands-on-deck will free up the time you need to focus on those tasks that will grow your business now and in the future.

Check out this short video to see whether hiring a virtual assistant/freelancer is right for your business and would help your growth.

Business Growth Factor #3 – Grow Your Email List


They say, “the money is in the list”, but your time is money also! You know you NEED to grow your email list, to attract potential clients. But, where oh where are you going to find the time to actually do it? Enter a virtual assistant/freelancer!

Your virtual resource will compile your list and can create professional email campaigns for you, which can definitely help you grow your business.

 Business Growth Factor #4 – Clean Up Your Inbox

 An inbox that is always full is a constant source of stress. Not only will you be unable to concentrate on important tasks at hand, but you may miss an important email!

A slowdown during the summer season or winter holiday may be the perfect time for you to attack that email box! If you cannot carve out the time to tackle the email ‘beast’, delegate this task! Let someone else separate the urgent messages and send you only the emails that need your attention.

You can also create filters to keep your inbox organized and clutter-free.

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Business Growth Factor #5 – Attend Networking Events

 Once you have mapped out the goals that will help your business grow, look for events that align with those goals.

There are many great online sources you can use to find events where your ideal clients attend.

Attending networking events (virtually or in-person) can connect you with new clients and increase your business growth.

If you can’t find the time to research the events or prepare for the event, delegate it! Here are some suggestions on where to find networking events:

1) –Meet-Up is a great online tool for information on local networking events. Choose your area and search by specific topics.

2) – Local Chambers of Commerce can also provide you with great information on meetings. Google “Chamber of Commerce” in your local area to find the nearest chapter.

3) – Social Media Groups are another great source of client connection. Do you know where your ideal clients hang out? Join and contribute in those groups. Share your knowledge and expertise to increase visibility as an expert in your field, which can grow your business.

All of the above tasks can be overwhelming for a small business owner. If that is the case, try to focus on a quarter at a time. If your business IS growing, it might be time to contract with a virtual resource, to lessen your load. That may be what you need to reduce your anxiety and stress while gaining growth in your business.

If your business is ready to delegate to a virtual resource, Lotus Business Resources can help!

Click here for your complimentary breakthrough strategy call. Let us help you tackle the factors that will help you expand your business growth now and in the future.

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