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Are you seeking to find a life of harmony, completeness, and a spiritual path? With the pandemonium in the world recently, many people are finding themselves in turmoil and are reaching out to find a comforting path.

A good first step in your journey to find your spiritual path is to address the spiritual side of your life.

Without personal spirituality, you can quickly lose purpose, drive, and meaning in your life.

You cannot become the best version of yourself, nor can you fully tap into your gifts without purpose, drive, and meaning. In the end, without a spiritual path, you can lose your desire to give back to the world, in order to make it a better place.

That sounds like a big burden but, finding your spiritual path, thankfully is not hard to do; and it is crucial to living a complete and harmonious life.  Let’s begin with the 5 ways you can find your spiritual path…

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#1 There Are No Coincidences – Pay Attention!

Have you ever had a moment in your life where everything lined up and fell into place? Embrace that experience.

This is synchronicity, and from it, you gain an amazing feeling of affirmation. Many say that it is during moments like this where you realize what you are born to do.

People have many theories about why synchronicity (coincidences) occur. Many believe that it is a force or forces that are outside of their control.

#2 Pursue Passion

When you find something that interests you, grab hold and see where it takes you. You will find purpose in passion, as you pursue what you truly feel you were born to do.

#3 Look for the Bigger Picture

When you step back and see how things are coming together in your life, it can seem a little daunting at first.

Big-picture thinking is critical to understanding what is possible in the present and in the future. As explained in this blog by Entrepreneur.

Finding the reason for how things have unfolded can be a bit intimidating when you consider there are forces bigger than you who have arranged it in just such a way. Here’s where you need to be courageous as you follow the blueprint already laid out for you.

dalai lama the message of love and compassion quote 5 ways to find spiritual path graphic#4 Accept Roadblocks and Let Go

Sometimes things crop up to stop you in your tracks.

When there’s no real reason for why things aren’t working, maybe it’s a gentle nudge from something outside of yourself, letting you know it’s time to move in a different direction.

It is here where you need to learn to let go.

#5 Look for Heroes

You are attracted to specific individuals for a reason. When you meet someone that you look up to and wish to emulate; the main reason is that they’re speaking to something in your life that you need.

Ask yourself what lessons you are learning from this encounter, and pursue the path that flows from the answer you’re given.


Finding your spiritual path is a wonderful and exciting journey. It’s not every day you figure out who you were born to be, right?

Remember, this will not happen overnight. Your spiritual path is a journey that will follow you throughout your lifetime. The rewards, though, are fantastic as you move forward on this new spiritual path to find a life of harmony and completeness.

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We are all in this together and together we will come out the other side.

Let’s take care of one another and bring hope to all we meet.

To your mental health and wellness.


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