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As a business owner, you know what good content looks like, yet, why does your content seem to miss the SEO mark? Many experts believe it is because you, as the business owner, are too close to your business! Think about it. You know every facet of your business, but what your content needs to convey to your readers is how investing in YOUR business will help THEIR business! In turn, your content should be valuable to THEM…it shouldn’t be training them to run YOUR business! Those are two different points of view, right? Being aware of that difference will help you focus on writing good CLICKABLE SEO-Optimized content that stops your readers in their tracks and answers their questions or solves their problems.

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Many SEO experts will tell you that GOOD SEO-OPTIMIZED CONTENT is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO (and that all-important Google ranking). To gain that Google “love”, we need to create an SEO-friendly website (which includes helpful content). In fact, over time, good content can be cheaper and more effective than paid advertising.

Stanford University did some in-depth research on those ‘native’ ads that show up on our feed. These are the ads that blend most easily into online digital content. They found that online shoppers are getting savvier.

These ads don’t actually get ‘clicks’, but the content in the ads caused viewers to visit the advertiser’s website later on. Can we assume it was the CONTENT? Sure, we can, because people are getting savvy about the online ads. 

You can say, “Yes, but they wouldn’t have gone to the website had they not seen the ad”, and you would be right but, why spend money on the ads when you can put good (SEO-optimized) content on your website for free instead?

Different woman writing on a notepad on a white desk with a laptop, pencil cup and cup of coffee sitting beside herOne of the best ways to achieve clickable, SEO-optimized content is by writing fresh content that is also good quality.

Why would your potential clients continue to visit your website if they are forced to read the same old content time after time?

We can all relate to that, can’t we? We revisit a site that once drew us in with some decent content, to find the same old narrative visit after visit.

If you know what you’re going to be reading before you visit a site, you will not return.

Many times, business owners are too close to their business to write good content.

When you create content for your website, don’t forget that your potential clients are not there to read about YOUR  business, they want to learn who you are and how you can help THEM.

Well-written content that draws in your potential clients will address their pain points. To answer those pain points you need to know what they are. If you know what your clients struggle with, write content that solves their problems!

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You know that scroll-stopping, pain point answering, and SEO-Optimized content is needed, but how do you start?

One of my favorite SEO experts is Neil Patel. One of the topics that Neil covers, in great detail, is how to find and write good clickable, SEO-Optimized content.

I use Neil’s program, Ubersuggest to research keywords. The Ubersuggest program will show you how many searches were done for your keywords or phrases and will even suggest similar keywords you can use for your client-focused content.

But, writing content, especially SEO-optimized content, can take hours. If you are just starting your business and you don’t have the extra 5 or more hours a month to crank out good content, one option is to hire a content writer to do the writing for you (someone like us, Lotus Business Resources ).

You’re probably saying, “Hey, we have a tight budget and can’t afford to hire someone to write our content”.

My response is, to try it for a short period of time and run your analytics. See if the new content makes a difference in your numbers. If it does and you see visitors converting into customers, then you are getting good ROI for the expense.

woman at desk with cat sitting at feet representing how a VA can help your business with email managementWhatever you choose to do in search of that good, clickable, SEO-optimized content, remember to write for your client’s pain points and try some of the tips and tools suggested in this blog.

If you need assistance with your social media or website content or management, we are a click away.

To your continued success.